F.A.Q - TOP 11

Here are our top 13 frequently asked questions, send us an email for anything outside of this.

  1. Q. Do I really have to take of my shoes on entry?
    A. Yes, someone took their shoes off and then everyone started and we haven't been able to stop it, therefore its now a rule. Thats social influence for you. Besides we are a Dojo, there must be some kind of mistical Japanese etiquette there.

  2. Q. When are you open?
    A. 24hours 7days a week, don't worry there is always someone there, we do close for NYE and Nyepi (Baliense Day of Silence).

  3. Q. Do I have to reserve or make a booking to secure a spot in the Dojo?
    A. No not at the moment, just arrive and come to the front desk and say hi, we will give you a tour of the space, then get your laptop out and a host will set you up its that easy.

  4. Q. Can I get mail or a package delivered to Dojo?
    A. Only if you have an "Active" 100hours or Unlimited monthly membership plan. We DO NOT accept mail or packages of any kind for persons that are not in our system or not active. There is also a small handling fee for 100hour and unlimited members. If you have a package delivered and you are not on the correct membership plan the handling fee will be x20 the handling fee rate. We have very limited space for this kind of service and packages will only be kept for 1 week, members will be notified by email of new package delivery. Please also note sometime there is extra fees that courier or customs charge.

  5. Q. I only need 1hour of access to check emails? or I just need to print some stuff? or Can I email you a document and have it printed and my maid will come pick it up?
    A. Sorry no, if you need internet access you can grab a Day Pass this will last from midnight to midnight and includes printing and access to the space. Further to this these questions miss the point of what our space and coworking is about. Besides we are not a print shop there are plenty of local print shops on Raya Canggu, but we forgive you as we understand coworking is a new concept. We do have an awesome Xerox colour printer that prints up to A3+ but its for our members and day pass holders only. Why we hear you ask? We made the decision a while ago to remove 1 hour access and printing for public because it really added no value to your community and community is what we are about, we are after people that make a conscious decision to be in our space and get involved.

  6. Q. Can you recommend accomodation?
    A. To be honest this really depends on your budget and requirements so we are currently making a "Guide to Moving to Canggu" to make it easy for you, it will include loads of recomendations, but in the mean time we have put some useful links up to help, check them out it will be worth it trust us!

  7. Q. How fast is your internet and can I use a VPN?
    A. Its fast, very fast actually the fastest connection on the island read more about here and to check the current Bandwidth. Yes you can use a VPN we would never block this its essential for doing business and security.

  8. Q. How can I can pay for my membership and do I get a receipt or tax invoice?
    A. Cash Indonesian Rupiah, Credit Card using Visa or Master Card a 3% fee applies & Amex a 4% fees applies and of course good old Paypal. You will recieve a receipt and tax invoice so you can claim your travelling expenses don't worry we are in business to :). A little side note: Be careful using ATM's in Bali, use only at banks or ones that have been recommended by someone in the know as skimming cards is big business.

  9. Q. I want to come with a group or a team can we pay once and get a discount?
    A. Yes you can come in a team we just need a heads up first. We can issue one invoice for all members on a team to the team owner. Depending on the size of your group you can get a discount on unlimited memberships only. If you have a group booking use the contact form and tell us who's coming how many people, genders, industries working in, dates, length of stay, and what the group is doing as we do need to approve big groups to make sure its a good fit for the community in general. If you have any ideas on how your group can share skills with our community please outline these also.

  10. Q. Can I rent a monitor, keyboard or mouse?
    A. Yes you can. We have 3 keyboards + mouses and 2 monitors available. You can rent them at the Frontdesk. The hosts will help you out and inform you about the details. Rental of items are subject to availability with Unlimited Members having priority.

  11. Q. Can I bring friends, or guest into Dojo?
    A. The Dojo Bali is a coworking space for members only. Of course you can show your friends around and let them have a look at the beautiful place you are working from - just let the Front Desk know so that our hosts can register visitors that come in and will help you to give your friend the best tour. If they need to stay longer, they can do so for one hour max. in the Cafe Area but not in the inside room. If you are an unlimited member you also have the option to provide them with a guest token for one hour of internet access (max three guest tokens per month).

  12. Do you have Meeting Rooms that I can book?
    A. Yes however these require approval so not to impact the community, we have one large meeting room and two small ones that can be booked for members and special events.

  13. I would like to do a talk or hold an event at Dojo how do I organise this?
    A. Awesome! We love people that give back to the community and categories our events into 3 categories, Inspiration, Knowledge & Networking, however first and foremost we give priority to Members to give talks. We also have a few rules regarding events in our space so that we can keep the event quality high, absolutely no selling your products or services, no videos over 3 minutes people just get bored they come to hear you talk, Dojo reserve the right to make it a members only or public event. You cannot profit or charge for an event in our space we are about free collaboration and sharing. All events are carefully curated and must meet our standard of professionalism. We typically will not do events around life coaching, NLP, spirituality as there is many other places in Bali that offer these types of events and are better suited.