Moving to Bali

Coming very soon...
The ultimate guide to moving to Canggu Bali.
Packed with Tips, Where to Eat, Where to stay and what todo.

In the mean time:
If your looking for accomodation tips we suggest the below links and basically just winging it, its half the fun, book a place for a few days, through a popular website i.e. Airbnb or then when you get here hire a scooter, talk to our community, drive around and take a look at some guest houses some of the best deals to be had are generally on the road or a side street and not online, you can always checkout our community board inside the Dojo for some shared accomodation places.

Accomodation Budget Tips
Typically our members are paying on average around IDR 6,500,000 per month for accomodation, with some paying upto several thousand USD a month for more luxury villas, if your on a budget typically cheap guest houses starting around the IDR3,500,000 per month. Over 40% of our members stay in guesthouses, with 30% private villas and 26% in shared villas. 50% of our members accomodation have pools, with 90% with airconditioned.

So until our Moving to Canggu Guide is ready make sure to check these little gems out.

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How to live like a King in bali for $1500 written by a Dojo member Josh Gray.

Check out the following facebook groups for shared accomodation etc.