Dojo Bali
  • Membership plans are a monthly plan, i.e. time pass expires after 1 month, sorry no refund on unused hours.
  • Have fun, Bikini & board shorts is our minimum dress code, No Shoes.
  • No money, no honey.
  • Anyone operating MLM, “Get rich quick” schemes, Dropshipping courses, Ponzi, any type of Pyramid schemes here, or anything unethical or immoral will be asked to leave.
  • The Dojo community are not your customers, we like to provide a comfortable collaborative and safe environment.
  • No outside food or beverages during cafe open time.
  • Dojo is not responsible for your shoes or thongs going missing or eaten by dogs or other street animals.
  • Please park your scooter in the Dojo Parking area which is behind the massage and pet shop.
  • No sharing accounts membership is per person x 2 devices.
  • No Hotspots in space.
  • Sorry no pausing memberships.
  • Please feet off tables and respect the furniture and Dojo's property.
  • Your personal property is your responsibility including but not limited to, thief, power surges or accidental water spillage.
  • Dojo Bali has the right to disconnect any member who is using torrents or high bandwidth effecting other members.
  • Sorry no dedicated desk or offices first come first serve.
  • Members are not allowed to leave their belongings more than 30 minutes on a desk.
  • Know your Immigration and work permission rights.
  • Lockers subject to availability and only available to unlimited members.
Accept & Continue